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SACS Music Boosters
4310 Homestead Road, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46814
Homestead - Summit - Woodside
Supporting the Performing Arts for young people in our community!

The Importance of the Music Booster Family

You can help support the Performing Arts Programs by becoming a member of the SACS Music Booster organization!

 The SACS Music Booster organization provides supplemental funding to our band, orchestra, choir, and dance programs for Homestead High School and Summit/Woodside Middle Schools.  We are a not for profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax deductible.  Funds provided to the performing art programs are used to pay for performance equipment needs and repairs, end of year awards, ISSMA contest entry fees, choreography, music clinics, and middle school field trips.


The SACS Music Boosters contributes to the support of the Performing Art programs by means of:

General Membership – Our yearly membership drive is one of our three main fundraising events held each year.  There are several levels of membership that are available.  Any level of support is greatly appreciated as we need ALL parents to help support our organizations. We encourage you to consider joining the SACS Music Boosters to show support not only for your sons and daughters, but all performing art programs representing SACS.  Please click HERE to print off a membership form.

Discount Card – This annual Music Boosters fall fundraiser offers for sale the Super Discount Card.  This is a great card product offering over 55 great reusable discounts at many of our local restaurants and businesses for a full year.  If you know of any local business interested in being a part of the Discount Card product, we would love to hear from you too!

Concession Stands – Did you also know the Music Booster organization runs the concession stands at Homestead, Woodside, and Summit throughout the year?  Our concession stand is our most important Music Booster fundraising activity during the year.

We need YOU to help make all this an exciting season for the performing arts – through your tax-deductible contribution as well as your involvement with our organization. Become involved by joining our membership, supporting our fundraisers, or by volunteering.


 SACS Music Booster Board